01 September 2020
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When embarking on a new business idea, there are several important steps you should take to ensure you are set up and ready to go. One of these steps is registering a trusted .au domain name to showcase your business’s online presence, which is what we focus on in today’s blog post. 

Quick facts about registering your .au domain name

#1 When you have secured an ABN, you will be eligible to register a commercial .com.au or .net.au domain name for your business. 
#2 The application process is straightforward: Choose a registrar, visit their website and follow the steps! If you get stuck along the way, their support team is there to help.
#3 It is increasingly important to have an online presence, and a website is the best option for showcasing your products, services and vision as an up and coming business.

If you aren’t able to register your ideal .au domain name

Let’s say you are the owner of a bike shop that has been around for 15 years. You are yet to establish your online presence but want to get started with a website. You decide that a commercial .com.au name suits your needs best but when you go online to register, your brand name has already been registered! Here are some options on what you can do next:

Option 1: Contact the domain name license holder to see if it is possible for the domain name to be transferred to you (the existing registrant is likely to charge for this).

Option 2: If you hold the current trademark for the registered business name, you can look into the possibility of filing an auDRP (au Dispute Resolution Policy) complaint which would enable you to force the current domain holder to turn the name over to you. (Note; if they also own the trademark — but in a different category of goods — you will be unable to force them to relinquish the name).

Option 3: Alter your domain name by shortening, abbreviating or extending it with a word like ‘shop’ (eg pamsbikeshop.com.au).

Option 4: Choose a different .au extension, for example .net.au. As .au registrar VentraIP explain, if your business is a not-for-profit, you may also be eligible to register a .org.au, .asn.au, or if your website is non-commercial and more of a hobby, you may be eligible to register a .id.au domain name.

In summary

Registering a .au domain name is not difficult, but finding the right name can be so we encourage you to secure an ABN and register your .au domain name now so that you can get started showcasing your online business right away. 

Visit getyour.com.au for more information.

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