19 August 2021
Person using laptop to check Google Analytics

As Google is working to improve the protection of privacy online, this work looks to be influencing the next iteration of Google Analytics. Taking from Google’s latest update on the new analytics tool, we see what this will mean for your business.


How will you be able to get user insights without cookies consent?
Many in digital marketing have been scratching their heads thinking about how they will be able to get the same user insights without the use of cookies. Google’s answer to this concern is to begin using machine learning in reporting. Machine learning combines artificial intelligence and computer science by using data and algorithms to imitate behaviour. 

Machine learning will take your data and begin to model it out for you, so that even if you can only track a few users you’ll still have usable metrics and respect user privacy preferences.


What further insights will you be able to get?
Google will be updating the menu to allow you to quickly see insights. These changes will help you to better track any campaigns you’re running without having to cycle through menus to find the data.

This easiness of finding data will be benefited by fully customisable reports and should allow you to quickly get new insights into your business online. This is where you would see the value of having a com.au domain for your business. A com.au domain would give you the confidence that customers are going to your website because it is local, verified and trusted. This confidence will help you get straight into finding out how customers are using your website rather than mistaken traffic.


When can you access Google Analytics 4?
You can already begin using Google Analytics 4 for your website, apps or even both. Head to the setup page to find out more about how you can start using it.