25 August 2023

On Monday 28 August 2023, Australia’s Internet Governance and Policy Forum, NetThing will take place in Brisbane. 

As Principal Sponsor, Identity Digital has been heavily involved in planning for the event, and look forward to the meeting on Monday. Patrick Donaldson, Country Manager at Identity Digital Australia shares more on the launch.

“A key component to NetThing 2023 and future forums is the NetThing and Identity Digital Indigenous Leaders Internet Governance and Policy Fellowship, which will be launched officially by Senator Jana Stewart at NetThing 2023.”

We are excited to reveal that three fellows have been successful this year, due to their experience working with technology and their involvement in and exposure to indigenous communities.

Fellows will be mentored by an Internet Governance expert throughout NetThing and adjoining conference, the Asia Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) 2023, also taking place at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from August 29-31.

This is the start of an exciting journey for the fellows, an opportunity for them to be exposed to a diverse network of people within the Internet Governance community and to build their confidence to participate in events like NetThing. They will be able to pave the way for future fellows by demonstrating their enthusiasm in the coming years..

The fellowship launch will occur at 9:30am, for full program information visit netthing.org.au