28 July 2021
Person climbing up stairs and rankings

We’ve written a lot about different social media and email strategies to help get your business noticed online. But how do you improve this on your website? In this blog, we share some tips on how to improve the SEO on different pages of your website to complete the best customer journey. These tips are versioned from Search Engine Journal’s 9 types of webpages, but here we have 3 that are easy to action and that you most likely already have on your website.


Home Page
The advice here is to focus on the company’s brand for your Home Page’s SEO. This is because if you start to focus on keywords related to your services your Home Page will start to appear in a variety of searches, which won’t help get you noticed. You can leave the focus on the different services you offer for another page. 

With your Home Page now reflecting your brand, customers will arrive at your site and immediately know what you’re about. This is where you’ll start to push people down the marketing funnel from consideration towards conversion/action.


About Us Page
As mentioned in Search Engine Journal’s blog, the About Us page helps with the conversion process as it is often checked before converting. Customers are looking at your About Us page to see if your business aligns with what they like or if you are a reputable business. 

On your About Us page, you want to start using keywords that are relevant to your industry. This has the benefit of not only improving your rankings in search engines but also providing customers with the reassurance that they are in the right place. So you can start to see here that this page has the ability to convert potential prospects into sales or leads.


Contact Us Page
Here is where you can begin to build how local you are with the keywords you use to describe your contact information. So rather than just list your contact information on the page, you can write a short introduction that uses keywords to that add to your “local-ness”. This way your business’ Contact Us page will start to appear higher up the rankings for customers when they search for a service like yours in their area. However, having a .au for your business is a great starting point which we discuss in a previous blog that doesn’t require as much thought and consideration.

By combining these strategies you should start to notice an increase in traffic to your website, but also engagement as more customers begin to interact with your website from the work you have put in.