08 June 2022
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In today’s blog post we discuss 3 key benefits of registering a .au direct domain name, including that it’s open to everyone with an Australian presence, showcases your offer with a shorter, simpler option and delivers greater choice for your brand.

Open to everyone with an Australian presence

Anyone with a verified Australian presence can register a .au direct domain name. This means that whether you are an Australian resident, a registered organisation or an Incorporated Association under State or Territory legislation, you are eligible to register a .au direct domain name. For a full list of what qualifies as having an “Australian presence” refer to the .au Direct Priority Implementation Rules.

Now that .au direct is available, we can see how it complements .au domain names in other zones (ie .com.au, .org.au, .asn.au, .id.au), which still exist for their own reasons. For example, .com.au is available for commercial purposes and will continue to be available alongside .au direct. 

Showcases your offer

With .au you can showcase your offer by using a shorter, simpler domain name to stand out to customers and/or industry peers. There are many benefits to businesses who use .au direct to trade online as auDA explains, including that .au direct provides short, simple and uniquely Australian domain names, domain names that are easier to type and greater choice of website or email addresses, which we discuss further below.

The benefits are similar for individuals looking to improve their digital presence, who can use a .au domain name to set themselves apart, modernise their resume or portfolio and make events memorable by hosting key information on a .au web address. For example, if you are holding a one off event or sale, you could register a .au direct domain name to match the occasion, such as “ABChotsale.au”. This is an event specific location where you are able to provide information to customers that is memorable and can be used on more than one occasion.

Delivers greater choice 

With .au direct, you have greater choice in the type of domain name you can use as an individual or organisation. By registering a .au direct name, you are opening up future options for your brand with an advanced solution, as highlighted by CEO of .au Domain Administration, Rosemary Sinclair in auDA’s .au direct launch statement:

“.au direct provides a new and exciting digital address for Australians to call home. It delivers greater choice of uniquely Australian domain names and, importantly, supports continued online innovation for Australians.”

So whether you are a business or individual who already has a .au domain name and are interested in applying for the .au direct counterpart, or whether you are thinking of registering a totally new .au direct name, we hope this blog post highlights the key benefits of .au direct as a uniquely Australian choice that showcases your online presence.

For more information get in touch with a .au registrar or email us at blog@afilias.com.au